2019 Rules Package

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NSA Rules – Effective 08 MAR 2019

SEC. 1- General Rules

1)- Drivers must be accepted into the NSA via iRacing League portal.
1A)-Drivers must have good internet connection
1B)-Drivers must have a working microphone. 
1C)-Drivers must have a wheel. Hand controllers are not allowed.
1D)-Teamspeak is provided but you are not required to be in it.
1E) “Calling out” or arguing with drivers will be tolerated to a point. If an Admin asks you to stop, you are required to do so and you can deal with it after the race with that individual/s. Not complying will get you DQ’d and ejected from the race. 1F)- Intentional wrecking during the race will not be tolerated. All instances will be reviewed by NSA Admins and dealt with accordingly on a case by case basis. Once the race is over and all cars have crossed the start finish line to take the checkered flag the race is considered over. Admins will not look into or hear issues with events after the race. 
1G)- All drivers must drive with respect for those around them. Assume best intent until proven otherwise.  

SEC. 2- Racing Rules
2A)-Drivers can choose to not qualify, there is no penalty for not qualifying. If a driver does post a qualifying time, that driver may not ask for an EOL at the start of the race.
2B)-Race leader may start the race at any time once the pace car begins to turn off the track.
2C)—RESTARTS –Race leader controls all restarts once the pace car begins to turn off the track. No brake checking or going before the pace car start to turn off the track. 
2D)-Race leader has lane choice, and must declare lane choice before the “one to go” signal. If lane choice is not called out verbally over race chat, or if the leader waits until after the “one to go” signal (ex. Passing start/finish line and entering turn 1) the leader must restart on the inside lane.
2E)- No lane changes until passing the start/finish line. This includes the inside line dropping below the line and running the apron.  2F)- Three wide racing on a restart is risky and will happen on occasion. Do so at your own risk. If you are found at fault of an accident due to going three wide on a restart that could have been avoided, you will get 0 points for that race. Ongoing incidents of the same nature will result in suspension from at least 1 race.
2G)- When pitting drivers must announce their intention to pit over the radio or by text if drivers are close behind you. It is the pitting drivers responsibility to safely get to the inside and bottom of the track to pit. 
2H)- On pit road all drivers must stay to the far right while driving down pit road.
2I)- No clearing of black flags. Drivers will acknowledge the black flag and serve the penalty by iRacing. All drivers will follow the iRacing scoring overhead under caution. The only exception to this rule is you go down pit road to avoid a wreck. Any taking advantage of this will result in 0 points for that race.
2J)- If a driver’s vehicle is damaged and cannot keep speed to catch the field under caution, that driver must announce it and the yellow will be extended.
2K)- Connection Issues- Any driver who is seen having a connection issue may be notified via the radio of their issue. If a driver has a connection issue and is notified, that driver must give room and drive safely. If the issue does not resolve itself within 5 laps you will may be asked to leave or pit indefinitely until it’s resolved.

SEC 3-League rules
3A) JCR Podcast – All members of the NSA are invited to participate in the JCR Podcast
3B) TEAMS – Each team will have a maximum number of 4 drivers per team. One owner is allowed to own more than one team.  
3C) TIES: In the event of a tie for any points position, or chase position, the tiebreaker will go to the driver with the best stats (Wins, top 5’s, top 10’s) If drivers are still tied the tiebreaker will go to the driver with the higher number of races ran OR least amount of incident points.
3D) Race your competitors the way you expect to be raced. Moving a car is one thing, flat wrecking a car during a race is another. Remember you make your own reputation and will be raced the way you race others.

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